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Tips on Drawing Pages

This entry is to help you draw the comic pages for One Way, featured here in our group, Dream-Catchers-ZForm. Listed below are the guidelines for the general appearance for the characters. I say guidelines because we will allow the artist working on the pages a room to add their own artistic touch to the characters as a way to express their individuality as well as add their style as a contribution to our group. We value diversity and innovation. So we invite you to use your imagination and above all, have fun with it! Also you will see all other information pertaining to settings, terms and everything that is used and referenced in OW in order for you to get familiarized and feel comfortable in drawing for our group.

If for anything, feel free to ask Queenz14, me, Eyesta and any other member for advice.


One Way Universe

About One Way...

    Emiko is a normal high school student with friends, and over protective dad, and tons of drama. But here's the catch, she's a telekinetic—which means she can move objects with her mind. An ability the she keeps secret from everyone; with only her father and her best friend Akatarou knowing about it. On her way to school one morning, she bumps into a weird guy. He called himself Takeshi and asked her for her help; immediately identifying her ablity to move objects. Brushing it off, she continued on her way to school. Next thing you know, that same boy was a new student in her class. As the days goes by, things start to unravel and come to light. A distant kingdom, the ninhousekai, monsters with paralyzing abilities, and demons known as Yokai. But little does she know that those things have everything to do with her, the purpose of her very existence.


Character Profiles
Main Characters

Minor Characters

Other Characters